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  • Hp 400 Hydraulic Pressure

    Hp 400 Hydraulic Pressure,Chile Copper Crusher. Hydraulic cone crusher machine manufacturer supplies hydraulic cone crushers and parts for The unusual HP4 model ... Read more Graco H-400 Series (Electric-Hydraulic) Drum Pumps Flyer The 1/2 HP motor ...

  • Dynaset – Powered by Hydraulics

    Dynaset hydraulic equipment converts the hydraulic power of mobile machinery into electricity, high pressure water, compressed air, magnet power, vibration and power boosting. Increasing Productivity Dynaset technology increases the productivity of mobile machinery from small vehicles to heavy machines by adding new functions with hydraulic equipment.

  • Fluidline | Home

    High Pressure and Temperature Applications - A range of valves rated up to 10 000 Psi & Class 3000 are available for instrumentation and mechanical valve applications from ¼" up to 3" with threaded ends, metal seated valves provide solutions for high temperature applications. 3-Way & Multi way ball valves up to 12" are available as a standard.

  • High Speed Hydraulic Motors

    High Speed Hydraulic Motors H13-1590-010/US,EU Parker Hannin Corporation Hydraulic Pump/Motor Division Greeneville, Tennessee, USA Performance Data 0 5 10 15 20 100 00 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 10 20 30 40 48 200 300 400 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000

  • HP-400 Hydraulic Press Machine Price

    HP-400 Hydraulic Press Machine ManufacturerHP-400 Hydraulic Press Machine Wholesale E-mail: [email protected] Tel.: +86 151 6326 5369 Language English Español عربي Home Products CNC Machine Center ...

  • 14. Hydraulics

    Each hydraulic system has its own reservoir. The reservoirs are pressurized by bleed air to prevent cavitation. The normal source is engine 1, but if pressure becomes low bleed air is taken from the cross-bleed duct. The reservoirs are monitored for low fluid

  • Hydraulic Test Bench Circuit Construction, Testing, and Analysis

    HYDRAULIC TEST BENCH CIRCUIT 125 Table 6: Hydraulic Motor Data Fully Open Flow Control Valve System Pressure (psi) 300 400 Metered Flow Rate ( ) 5.56 5.56 Motor Rotational Speed (rpm) 32 …



  • Hydraulic Pumps and Motors – Fluid Power

    Hydraulic Pumps and Motors. Pressure compensation, max volume stop, through shaft capabilities and varies of control options available. Robust cast iron construction suitable for demanding applications like mobile construction, earthmoving and agriculture. Energy efficient, with working pressures up to 2500 psi (170 bar).

  • Horsepower Calculator

    Formula: HP = PSI * GPM / 1714. PSI is gauge pressure in pounds per square inch; GPM is oil flow in gallons per minutes. Rules-Of-Thumb: Horsepower for driving a pump: For every 1 HP of drive, the equivalent of 1 GPM @ 1500 PSI can be produced. Horsepower for idling a pump: To idle a pump when it is unloaded will require about 5% of its full ...

  • 400-D HYDRAULIC HAND GUN Assembly, Operation and …

    400-D HYDRAULIC HAND GUN 3 400-D Hydraulic Hand Gun The Flowserve Nordstrom 400-D High-Pressure Hand Gun is rated at 10,000–11,000 psi (690–759 bar) and includes many features for meeting the exact demands of replacing sealant in lubricated valves.

  • Hydraulics International

    HP Mounting Option 1 Displacement (25cc-400cc) Shafts Option 2 Ports Option 3 Shaft Seals Option 4 Series A-E

  • Diagnosing Low Pressure in a Hydraulic System

    Low system pressure usually does NOT mean a bad hydraulic pump. In this video, instructor Hank Ayers demonstrates how to check the pump compensator valve. ...


     · The Indeco Hydraulic System is very simple to use and has several advantages over its rivals: First, the Automatic Variable blows which recognise the type of material to be broken and adapt the power of the blow and the frequency to the type of rock.


    Hydraulic Power Brake (HPB) system for trucks, tractors and buses. Before You Begin 1. Read and understand all instructions and procedures before you begin to service components. 2. Read and observe all Warning and Caution hazard alert ...

  • Enerpac Hydraulic Pumps | Kiloton

    Kiloton is the number 1 importer of Enerpac hydraulic pumps & Enerpac directional control valves in Africa & the Middle East. Get a quote today!

  • Technical Specifications for 330 Hydraulic Excavators AEXJ0085-03

     · Hydraulic System Main System – Maximum Flow – Implement 560 L/min (280 × 2 pumps) 148 gal/min (74 × 2 pumps) Maximum Pressure – Equipment – Normal 35 000 kPa 5,075 psi Maximum Pressure – Equipment – Lift Mode 38 000 kPa 5,510 psi

  • High Pressure Filter

    High Pressure Filter Nominal pressure 400 bar (5690 psi) Nominal Size up to 400 according DIN 24550 High performance filters for modern hydraulic systems Features High performance filters for modern hydraulic systems n Modular system n Compact design n Minimal pressure drop through optimal flow

  • PE 400 Series Pump | Hydraulic Pumps | Electric Pump

    The PE 400 electric pump is a two-speed pump that is able to power multiple cylinders up to 1 000 tons. With high performance of up to 5.6 litres /min., this high tonnage double-acting cylinder achieves a maximum output bar pressure of 700 bar. The pump is fitted with an external pressure relief valve that is adjustable from 100 to 700 bar, and ...

  • Hydraulic Horsepower Calculator

    How do you calculate hydraulic horsepower? To find hydraulic horsepower, use the equation: HP = (PSI X GPM) / 1714. PSI = Pressure in Pounds per Square Inch. GPM = Flow Rate in Gallons per Minute. Example: Calculate hydraulic horsepower when pressure. is 2000psi and flow rate is 20GPM: Horsepower = (2000 x 20) / 1714.

  • HPE Africa''s range of SOOSAN hydraulic breakers

     · "HPE Africa''s Soosan SU+ hydraulic breakers enhance the Soosan SB line, known for dependable operation in tough conditions. Advanced features of SU+85 Line TR-F Series include an Integrated Power Control and Anti-Blank Hammering systems (IPC and ABH) for the selection of three working modes and increased impact frequency for improved production efficiency," says Ross …

  • Basic Hydraulics: Jacks & Pressure | R & D Hydraulics

    Basic Hydraulics: Jacks & Pressure. Tech Tips. Pressure = force (in pounds)/Area (square inches) We describe pressure as: X amount of PSI, Example: A round rod 1 1/8 inches in diameter has about 1 square inch of surface if stood on one end. Pushing with a force of 10 lbs downward, we would be exerting a pressure of 10 lbs per square inch (10 PSI).

  • Sprague Air Driven Pumps | High Pressure Company

    High Pressure Hydraulic Pumps Sprague offers a variety of air driven pumps designs, each with specific pressure ranges and design configurations to meet the demands of the high pressure pump market. Additional options available: seal options with the severe service JB seal, non-lube air-drive seals, separation, and manual operation.

  • Hose pressure drop in PSI per 10 feet of hose length.

    400 51 14 6.5 2.2 500 20 10 3 800 18 5 1000 10 * Pressure drop values listed are typical of many petroleum based hydraulic oils at approximately +100 F (+38 C). Differences in fluids, fluid temperature and viscosity can increase or decrease actual pressure ...

  • Hydraulic Pressure Gauges | Analogue Gauge | Digital …

    Hydraulic Pressure Gauges. Hydraulic pressure gauges from Power Team SA increase the accuracy and performance of your hydraulic system. We supply a complete range of gauges: analogue; digital; 9040; 63.5 and 152.4 mm; 9052; DG100; ASME B40.1; Grade B; 9089. Power Team''s hydraulic pressure gauges provide exceptional accuracy, achievable to within 1%.

  • MP Filtri Filters and Equipment Shipped Worldwide | …

    Hydraulic circuit accessories including: filler and breather plugs, optical and electrical level indicators, pressure gauge switches, pressure gauges and pipe and hose mounting brackets and clamps. Please contact us if you cannot see the MP Filtri filtration equipment that …

  • HYDAC | Pressure valves

    Pressure valves. The HYDAC pressure valve programme encompasses practically all pressure control functions which are used in hydraulics. Pressure valves influence the system pressure in a system by means of mechanical or hydraulic modification of cross-sections. HYDAC offers both direct acting and pilot-operated pressure valves in this area.

  • Monarch D.C. Hydraulic Power Systems

    112.0 Monarch D.C. Hydraulic Power Systems Introduction This catalogue illustrates the technical specifications for Monarch''s D.C. range of Hydraulic Power Units. Designed for compactness and durability, millions of M Series systems have been sold worldwide for

  • Pumps | Hi-Force Hydraulic Tools

    HP Range - High Flow Manually Operated Pumps - High Flow HPX Range Manually Operated Ultra High Pressure Pump HP-FP Range Manually Operated Foot Pumps BPP Range Battery Powered Hydraulic Pump HEP1 Range Electric Driven LightWeight Mini ...


    VIKING HYDRAULIC GEAR PUMPS & MOTORS MOTOR SELECTION FOR HYDRAULIC PUMPS Size Nominal Pump Maximum Discharge Pressure - PSIG Capacity Speed Motor HP (KW) GPMLPM RPM ⅛ (0.09) ⅙ (0.12) ¼ (0.18) ⅓ (0.25) ½ (0.37) ¾ (0.55)

  • Technical Specifications for 336 Hydraulic Excavators AEXQ2242 …

     · Hydraulic System Main System – Maximum Flow – Implement 558 L/min (279 × 2 pumps) 147 gal/min (74 × 2 pumps) Maximum Pressure – Equipment – Implement 35 000 kPa 5,076 psi Maximum Pressure – Equipment – Lift Mode 38 000 kPa 5,511 psi

  • HPP Pumps

    HPP Pumps – High Pressure Pumps. Hawk Pumps South Africa is the official pump supplier for HPP Pumps in South Africa. These 3 piston high pressure pumps range in power from 24hp to 190hp and with outputs upt to 480 litres per minute and pressures up to 1000bar. NB: Not all of these pumps are stock items and may need to be specially imported.

  • CH Range | Hi-Force Hydraulic Tools

    CH Range. The CH hydraulic cable crimping tool range offers 7 models with a choice of open "C" jaw or parallel guide design. All models are supplied complete with standard die sets and a carrying case. Suitable pump units include HP227FPC foot operated pump set which includes elbow fitting, gauge, gauge block, 3 metre hose and male coupler.

  • HP 400 upsetter, hydraulic upsetter, Stauchpresse HP 400, …

     · HP 400 upsetter, hydraulic upsetter, Stauchpresse HP 400, Drill pipe upsetter, upsetting machine, - . HP 400 upsetter, hydraulic upsetter, Stauchpresse HP 400, Drill pipe upsetter ...

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