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  • 3V Section V-Belts Sizes

    3V Section V-Belts are made of an anti-static wear resistant cover fabric. Offering high performance, a long service life, uniform belt geometry. Its higher flexible nature is suitable for Flat/V-Belt transmission. Having limited oil resistance and economy temperature resistance from -35C to +70C. Manufacturing Range: from 20 inches to 161 inches.

  • C Section V-Belts

    Classic C Section V-Belts are made of resistant fabric, low-stretch tension member, specially developed high grade elastomers, high performance, long service life, uniform belt gemometry. High flexibility, suitable for flat belt transmission. Maximum economy ...

  • Guide to V-Belt Selection and Replacement | PTE

    V-belts are made from rubber or synthetic rubber stocks, so they have the flexibility to bend around the sheaves in drive systems. Fabric materials of various kinds may cover the stock material to provide a layer of protection and reinforcement. V-Belt Profiles (Cross

  • V-Belt Code Guide: How to Read V-Belt Numbers

    V-Belt codes allow us to identify the belt profile and its length. Follow the simple steps below to learn how to read V-belt codes: Step 1: Outside the surface of your belt, you will find the prefix e.g. B, 3L.. etc. This is also known as the belt profile. Note: Prefix. Depending on the manufacturer, the belt profile on the surface of the belt ...

  • V Belt Dimensions | V Belt Specifications By Section

    View Complete Specifications & Dimensions For Each Type Of V Belt. Belts Dimensions Include The Width, Depth & Angle Per Style V Belt.. Easy To Read V Belt Dimensions Address VBelts4Less, LLC *Call Center Only* 7844 N. Faulkner Road Milwaukee, WI

  • V-Belt Size Chart

    140  ·  · Home Blog V-Belt Size Chart V-Belt Size Chart Posted on November 2, 2020 in FAQ by MDS V-Belts come in many sizes and lengths. Here at MDS, we offer A, B, 3VX, and 5VX belts. Click the lengths to see our full selection of that type of belt or for that Angle ...

  • How Do You Calculate V-Belt Length?

     · V-belts are used as mechanical links between two or more rotating pulleys. The length of the V-belt is dependent on the size of the pulleys and the distance between them, and can be …

  • Metric V-Belt Cross Reference

    Belt Cross Reference Home Metric V-Belt Cross Reference Sizes V-Belt Cross Reference Sizes for SPA, SPB, SPC, and SPZ Metric Belts.Simply, click on the v-belt size number to be taken to the cross reference page for that belt size. Gates, Dayco, Goodyear.

  • Automotive Cogged V-Belt Sizes | VBeltSupply

    Visit VBeltSupply today to view our automotive v-belt size chart and catalog. Cogged auto belts are available in section 15, 17, 22 and 28 series.


    belt is designed to fit. Last three or four digits indicate pitch length to the nearest tenth of an inch. Example: 2326V310 Belt 23 Top Width in 16ths 26 Sheave Angle in V Multi-Speed310 Pitch Circumference of an inch: 23/16" = 1-7/16" Degrees (26) to

  • B Section V-Belt Cross Reference

    Belt Cross Reference Home B Section V-Belt Cross Reference Sizes V-Belt Cross Reference Sizes for B Section Conventional Belts. Simply, You will find the belts sizes for Conventional B Section Belts. Gates, Dayco, Goodyear, Jason Industrial, Pix, and more

  • How to Read a Micro-V Belt PK Number – A Technical …

     · The PK number is broken down into three pieces of information: 6 – The 6 indicates the number of ribs on the belt. A six rib belt would start 6PK, a five rib belt 5PK and so on. PK – PK indicates that this is an automotive micro-v belt measurement in millimeters. 2895 – The 2895 is the effective length of the belt expressed in millimeters.


    V belt width: A (1/2") B (21/32") c (7/8") D (1 1/4") E (1 1/2") Measuring Belt Length with an Old V Belt Place a mark on the side of an old V belt with a white paint marker. Set the flat outer edge of the V belt on a flat surface. Rotate the V belt to place the paint ...

  • V Belt Cross Reference Search & Tables

    Our v belt cross reference search containes over 200,000 crosses for many OEM''s & v belt manufacturers. Our search was designed to offer fast, accurate and direct cross without needing to navigate through a ton of results. Below we''ve put together cross reference ...

  • How To Measure V-Belt Pulleys | Identifying V-Belt …

    Step 1: The first thing you want to do is measure the outside diameter (O.D) of the pulley. Step 2: Next, we''ll measure the pitch diameter (P.D), this is the measurement that represents the diameter of the belt it''s self as it rides in the pulley. This step is not necessary if you already know your v-belt size or if the pulley and belt are ...

  • V-Belt Size Chart

    How To Read V-Belt Numbers. Automotive belts start with either 4L (12.5mm wide) or 3L (9.5mm). The number following it is the outside length of the belt in tenths of inches. The inside length of the belt is typically 2" less for a 4L belt, and 1-1/2" less for a 3L belt. An example would be 4L460, which would be 46" long outside, 44" inside.

  • V Belt Size Chart Fenner

     · V Belt Size Chart India Lewisburg District Umc. Fenner Auto Belts Poly V Segment Pages 1 6 Flip Fliphtml5. To V Belt Selection And Replacement Pte. Industriql Belts. Fenner Multi Pull Poly V Belts फ नर व ब ल ट In Bhiwadi Durga Hardware Electricals Id 8784875062. Fenner V Belts Latest Dealers Retailers In India.

  • B Series V Belts

    B section belts are dimensionally the same belts as the 5L FHP (Fraction Horsepower) v belts. A special outer wrap is used on the belts, which provides better flexibility, better traction and wear resistance. All B v belts have a standard 5/8" width and lengths range from 23" up to 600". B Section Belt Features: Anti-Static, Heat & Oil Resistant.

  • Industrial V Belts (V-Belt) Construction, Types, by Size, …

     · This article is about V- Belts. The article describes on the constructional aspects of V-Belts, the types of V- Belts and their advantages and disadvantages. The V- Belt consists of steel wires, base rubber compound, and protective cover. The types of V-belts are: Section ''A'' Type - 0.1 kW to 3 kW, Section ''B'' Type – 0.5 kW to 6 kW, Section ''C'' Type – 1 kW to 12 kW, Section ...

  • V Belt Identifier

    How to measure the belt: You will notice that all V belts also sometimes referred to as wedge shaped belts are measured across the top think section and the depth of the belt. This means you would measure the widest part of the belt (thick section) and then from the widest part to the narrowest part of the belt.

  • Automotive V Belt Size Chart

    For this article, I will discuss Automotive V Belt Size Chart as the title we present above, for the subject this time it is included in the category automotive v belt size chart, because each of our discussions is grouped with their respective sub. 21 Images Gates V Belt Sizes Chart. Guide To V Belt Selection And Replacement Pte.

  • A Section V-Belt Cross Reference

    Belt Cross Reference Home A Section V-Belt Cross Reference Sizes V-Belt Cross Reference Sizes for A Section Conventional Belts. Simply, You will find the belts sizes for A Section Belts. Gates, Dayco, Goodyear, Jason Industrial, Pix, and more belt cross


    BELT DIMENSION CHART ENGINEERED FOR PERFORMANCE Gates RPM belts are specifically engineered for forced induction and high-output engines. Featuring a high-modulus, low stretch Aramid or Polyester tensile cord, nylon-fiber reinforced undercord ...

  • Specification for Automotive V-Belts

    The V-belt shall have a trapezoidal cross section with an endless loop and made out of material specified as above. 6. DIMENSIONS 6.1 Cross section V-belt shall have cross sectional dimensions as shown in Table 2. Figure 2 Cross Section of V-Belt 3/10


    V-belt bends in a sheave . Curved belts feature concave sides, radius relief and arched tops . Hi-Power ® II Belt — Gates trade name for belts commonly referred to as classical, wedge or conventional . Idler — 1) A non-powered pulley, sheave, sprocket or ...

  • V-Belt Length Calculator

    V-belt is the rubber belt that drives things such as the alternator, air conditioning compressor, power steering pump and waterpump. The V shape of the belt tracks in a mating groove in the pulley (or sheave), so that the belt cannot slip off. The belt also tends to wedge into the groove as the load increases - the greater the load, the greater ...

  • How To Measure V Belts Correctly

    How To Measure V Belts Belts are NOT measured by diameter nor folding the belt in half. The most accurate way to measure the circumference of a v belt is with a v belt measuring tool or using a cloth tape measure (Not a steel tape measure or ruler). An additional ...

  • Vbelt Cross Reference Conversion Chart

    Vbelt Cross Reference High Quality Low Price V belts. Thousands in Stock. Fast Shipping. Our online based business with low overhead allows us to pass huge savings on to you. Don''t mistake our low price for reduced quality. SEE OUR V-BELT SIZING

  • Gates V-Belt Size Charts | Gates Belt Cross Reference Chart

    V-Belt orders placed before 1PM CST, M-F on VBeltSupply or by phone are normally shipped within 24 Hrs. Please note: UPS deliveries do not include Saturday or Sunday, unless specified in …

  • The Common Types of V Belts & Their Standard Sizes

    V-belts get their name from their trapezoidal shape, which helps them wedge into the sheaves. Twisted synthetic fibrous tensile chords, compressed by synthetic rubber, form a typical V-belt, rendering it strength and flexibility. There are three common types of v

  • Guide to V-Belt Selection and Replacement

    V-Belt Construction and Material Figure 9 describes the constructional components of standard and notched V-belts. Each component has a vital role to play in how well V-belts perform and how long they last. Different mate-rials and configurations can influence belt

  • Multi-ribbed V-belt

    3 MICRO-V® Multi-ribbed V-belt Sections and nominal dimensions Pitch mm Height mm PJ 2.34 3.50 PL 4.70 6.40 PM 9.40 12.70 Belt range PJ Description Effective length DIN 7867 RMAmm PJ406 160 J 406 PJ432 170 J 432 PJ457 180 J 457 PJ483 190 J 483

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